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online training

with Andre diurno

I offer two tiers of online training as a structured distance training experience for my clients

Tier 1  -    Monthly Group Programme Design

(Set exercise sessions programmed and delivered to the client for them to complete weekly). This is great for accountability and community. Clients can compare their workouts and discuss their progress online as part of an online private group. The client has the headache of programming taken away and can work to a flexible system with multiple workouts delivered to them. Results based training


This level of service is more suited for advanced clients who want optimal training results who have a competitive edge 


(This is a Semi private and non tailored experience) Clients are expected to have a membership or access to a training facility in order to complete this programme 


This service is a monthly subscription of


Tier 2- Individual Tailored Experience 

Specific monthly programme design for the individual in line with full nutrition support and regular meal plans. A Monthly Skype call with 24/7 private email access. Regular ‘check ins’ updates and programme reviews will be a feature on the Tailored Experience 


This is a very good option for clients that are busy and cannot commit to a one2one gym session, need accountability as well as full guidance and support with corrective training, nutrition and lifestyle. 


This service is a monthly subscription of


Sports Specific Programme Design

SSPD can be quoted upon request 


For SSPD I would advise an initial consult, programme design, programme demonstration and aftercare in form of email/Skype call. 

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To find out more or book a programme contact me here

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